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Sales Force CRM
Salesforce Course Contents

Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • On demand concept
  • Multitenant Architecture
  • Data centric applications
  • Salesforce Environment and Architecture Insight (Salesforce MVC Architecture).
  • Opportunity and Product Management
  • Opportunity Line Items
  • Sales and Supsport Process
  • Case Management
  • Case Assignment and Escalation Rules
  • Order and Quote Management
  • Simple Configuration
    Field Creation, Page Layout, Record Types, Page Layout Assignment, Validation Rules, Related List, Search Layout.
  • Salesforce Permissions
    • Relations of role and profile with user permissions and different profile level permissions
    • Users
    • Roles
    • Profiles
    • Standard and Custom profile
    • Salesforce Activities - Task and Events
  • Workflows and actions
    • Field update
    • Email
    • Outbound message Tasks
    • Time based workflow

Building Applications with force.com

Apex Data Loader
How to export and import data from and into Salesforce

How to work with App Exchange

  • Visual Force:
    • Over view of Visual Force.
    • Visual Force Basics
    • Creating   a visual force page.
  • Visual Force Components:
    • Tag Basics
    • Tag Bindings
    • Generating PDF from Visual Force
  • Basic Page Components
    • Default look and feel components
    • Recreating a Sales force detail pages
  • Form and Out put Components
    • Output
    • Table and List Components
    • Displaying data in tables in an inline page
  • Custom Components
    • Creating Custom components
    • Templates and Include components
  • Custom Components
    • Creating Custom components
    • Templates and Include components

Using Flash Widgets in Visual Force
  • JavaScript in Visual force
    • Action Binding and Java script
    • Java script functions
    • Partial Page Updates
  • Introduction to visual force (Apex )Controllers
    • Controller Over view
    • Standard Controllers
    • Custom Controllers
    • Creating a visual force page with custom controller
    • Controller extensions
  • Visual Force and Sites
    • Development of sites using visual force
    • Visual force and Mobile
  • Introduction to Apex:
    • Installing and Configuring the Force.com IDE
    • Creating a force.com IDE Project
    • Invoking Apex
  • Data Types And Logics
    • Writing Basic Anonymous blocks with apex data types
  • Object Oriented Programming in Apex
    • Classes
    • Attributes & Methods
    • Apex Library Classes
  • Retrieving Records From the Database
    • SOQL Vs. SOSL
    • DML,Apex Sharing
  • Apex Triggers
    • Trigger Types
    • Trigger Context
    • Examples and Business Scenarios on triggers
      Writing classes and invoking the classes.
      Real Time Salesforce Additional Topic

      Use cases and implementation scenarios.
      Debugging and Testing
  • Advanced concepts :
    • Introduction to SSO
    • Working with Sandbox
    • Moving changes between Environments
    • Two Real time Case Studies
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