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Qlikview Course Contents


Introduction To Qlikview :QlikView Developer course structure is a mixture of demonstrations and hands on exercises of the many QlikView components. Topics covered in this course, include fundamental user interface layout and design best practices. QlikView Designer course focuses on QlikView application, objects such as sheets, list boxes and charts, working with scripts, best practices, loading data, deploying QlikView applications.

Pre requisites for attending QlikView Training

  • Basic SQL Knowledge
  • Objective of the Training

    • Real time project Application development
    • Hands on practice data modelling
    • Script level functions and chart level functions knowledge
    • Design techniques and short cuts about the less time
    • Publishing the document in server and access over
    • Job Oriented training
    • 100% job support training and placement

    Data Warehousing Basics

    • What Is Data Warehouse?
    • What Is Olap And Oltp
    • Dimensional Data Model
    • What Is Dimension Table?
    • What Is Fact Table?
    • Different Types Of Schemas
    • Star Schema
    • Snow Flake Schema
    • Galaxy/Hybrid Schema

    Starting With Qlikview

    • Detail Description On Qlikview
    • What Is Dashboard And Analysis?
    • Downloading And Installing The Software
    • System Requirements for Qlikview
    • Basic Concepts In Qlikview
    • Qlikview Architecture

    Starting With Qlikview Data Loading

    • How To Load The Data Into Qlikview
    • Different Ways Of Loading The Data
    • Loading The Data From Database Tables
    • Loading The Data From Excel Files
    • Loading The Data From Csv/Text Files
    • Loading The Data Using In-Line Statement
    • ODBE And OLEDB Connection
    • Script Editing
    • Script Menu Commands I.E. Connect, Load, Select Etc
    • Executing And Debugging Of The Script
    • Script And Load Statement Syntax

    QlikView Data Structure Of The Loaded Data

    • What Is Table Viewer?
    • Dealing With Self , Multiple And Circular References
    • Removing The Synthetic Keys
    • System Table/Fields

    Qlikview Design Concepts

    • Creating And Working With The Sheets
    • Qlikview Menu Commands
    • Design Tool Bar
    • Sheets Properties
    • Different Sheets Objects

    Qlikview-Sheet Objects

    Qlikview-Table Box

    • Creating Table Box
    • Different Table Box Styles
    • Different Ways Of Sorting
    • Auto Minimize And Maximizing The Table Boxes
    • Exporting Table Data Into Excel Files

    Qlikview-List Box

    • Creating A List Box
    • Formatting Tips For The List Box
    • Detail Explanation Of List Box Properties

    QlikView-Multi Boxes

    • What Is The Multi Box
    • Creating Multi Box
    • Uses Of Multi Box
    • Diff B/W List Box And Multi Box
    • Properties Of Multi Box

    Qlikview-Text Object

    • Creation Of Text Object
    • Text Object Properties-overview


    • What Is Button In Qlikview
    • Creating The Button And Its Usage
    • Applying Actions With The Buttons


    • Different Types Of Charts
    • Creating Different Types Of Charts
    • Bar Chart
    • Line Chart
    • Combo Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Radar Chart
    • Gauges
    • Mekko Chart
    • Scatter Plot
    • Grid Chart
    • Explanation Of Fast Change Icon Property For Charts

    Other Sheet Objects-Qlikview

    • Container Object
    • Line/Arrow Object
    • Search Object
    • Slider/Calendar Object
    • Statics Box

    Qlikview-Working With Sheets And Sheet Objects

    • Adding And Moving The Sheets
    • Resizing And Removing The Objects
    • Copying The Sheet Objects Between Sheets
    • Adding Several Objects To Sheet

    Qlikview-Settings Menu/Other Tool Bars

    • User Preferences
    • Document Properties
    • Variable Overview
    • Sheet Properties
    • Design Tool Bar
    • Standard Tool Bar
    • Navigation Tool Bar

    Qlikview-Advanced Tables/Fields

    • Mapping Tables
    • Auto Generate Tables
    • Time Dimension Tables
    • Inline Tables

    Qlikview Data Files (Qvd)

    • Qvd File Format
    • Creating Qvd Files
    • Use Of Qvd Files
    • Small Tasks For Practice

    Qlikview-Sheet Layout Functions

    • Exporting Object Data Into Excel
    • Printing The Data And Sheet Objects
    • Cloning The Sheet Objects
    • Showing Custom Text On The Charts
    • Log File Generation

    Qlikview-Pivot Tables And Straight Tables

    • Creating Pivot Table/Straight Table
    • Adding Multiple Expressions To The Tables
    • Formatting The Pivot Table And Straight Tables
    • Visual Cues
    • Comparison Between Three Different Tables
    • Exercises On The Above Topics

    Qlikview-Advanced Scripting/Data Modeling

    • Joining The Data From Multiple Tables
    • Working The Variables In The Script And Ui
    • Concatenation
    • Resident Load/Table
    • Mapping Table
    • Apply Map Function
    • Incremental Loading
    • Let And Set Commands
    • Date Functions

    Joins In Qlikview

    • Inner Join/Left Join/Right Join/Outer Join

    Qlikview Server

    • Server Components
    • QMC
    • Access Point
    • Publisher


    • Security Overview
    • Authentication
    • Section Access
    • Data Reductions
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