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  • Introduction to open source.
  • What is open source?
  • License Issues (MPL,GPL,LGPL,etc.)

Mobile Application Development overview:

  • Mobile Device Profiles
  • Mobile Software
  • Options for Development

Targeting Android-The Big picture:

  • Introducing Android
  • Stacking up Android
  • Booting Android Development
  • An Android Application

Development Environment:

  • Android SDK
  • Building an Android Application in Eclipse
  • The Android Emulator

User Interface

  • Activity Life Cycle
  • Creating the Activity
  • An Overview of User Interfaces
  • Using XML Layouts
  • Selection Widgets
  • Date and Time Tabs
  • Using Menus
  • Using Fonts
  • WebView and WebKit Browser
  • Dialog Boxes: Alert Dialog &Toast
  • Using Resources

Intents and Services

  • Working with Intent Classes
  • Listening in with broadcast receivers
  • Building a Service
  • Performing Inter-Process Communication

Storing and Retrieving Data

  • Using Preferences
  • Using the File System
  • Persisting data to a Database
  • Working with content Provider Classes

Networking and Web Services

  • An Overview of Networking
  • Communications with Server Socket
  • Working with HTTP
  • Web Services


  • Telephony Background and Terms
  • Accessing Telephony Information
  • Interaction with the phone
  • Working with Messaging SMS

Graphics and Animations

  • Drawing Graphics in Android
  • Animations


  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Playing Audio
  • Playing Video and Capturing Media

Location Services

  • Simulating your location within the emulator
  • Using Location Manager & Location Provider
  • Working with MAPS
  • Converting Places & Addresses with Geo Code

UI Components implementation

  • Generate UI Elements With Code
  • Customize UI Components.

Views Implementation

  • Generate UI View With Frame
  • View Implementation

UI Picker, UI Date picker

  • UI Picker View Class
  • UI Date Picker Class
  • Data source Methods
  • Delegate Methods
  • Custom Picker
  • Import Images in Picker

UI Table View Controller

  • UI Table View
  • UI Table View Delegate
  • UI Table View Data source
  • UI Table View Cell
  • Custom Table Generation
  • UI Table View With Navigation Controller
  • UI Table View With Animations

UI View Animations

  • Animate View Cover Vertical
  • Animate View Cross Dissolve
  • Animate View Flip Horizontal

Property List

  • Property List
  • Create A Property List for Data Storage
  • Load Values From Property List

Core Data

  • Core Data Creation
  • Create a Model, Entities, Attributes, Relationships
  • Data Saving, Data Fetching
  • Adding Objects
  • Delete Entities

SQ-Lite Data Base

  • Data Base Creation
  • Add Tables
  • Delete Elements
  • Update Elements
  • Select Elements

Browsing Internet

  • Using UI Web view
  • Browse internet In Application
  • Loading pdf's
  • Loading HTML Files
  • Read Data From Internet

HTTP Authentication

  • Make Request With GET Method
  • Request With POST
  • NSURL Class
  • NSURL Request
  • NSURL Connection

HTTP Authentication

  • Make Request With GET Method
  • Request With POST
  • NSURL Class
  • NSURL Request
  • NSURL Connection

Parsing XML And Web Services

  • NSXML Parser Class
  • NSXML Parser Delegate Methods

Sending Email, Sending SMS

  • Mail Composing methods
  • SMS Composing Methods

Audio, Video playing, Audio Recording

  • Playing Audio File
  • Playing Video Files
  • MP Movie Player Framework
  • AV Audio Player Framework
  • Audio Recording Process

I-pad Application development

  • Create i-pad Application
  • Split View Based Application

Events, Multitouch, Gestures

  • Touch Events
  • Gesture Recognizing

Core Graphic Framework

  • Introduction Core Graphic Frame Work
  • Draw Circles
  • Draw Rectangles
  • Draw Lines

Map kit Framework

  • MK Map view Controller
  • Loading Google Maps
  • Load Different Map types

Performance Testing

  • Check Leaks
  • Working With Performance Tool

Icon for app

  • Create Icon image for Application
  • Load icon for App

Device Testing

  • Test Application on I-pad
  • Test Application on I-phone

Submission process of App

  • Appstore Submission Process
  • Load icon for App

SCM Repository

  • Manage Apiction With SCM
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